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First and foremost, I am a doting grandma to Emilia, Isla and Audrey – who fill my world with love and enchantment. I am writing my children’s books to introduce spirituality to these girls.

I define spirituality as ‘connection’. Connection to the mysterious and magical things in life. Connection to the natural energies of the Tao that are all around us. A meaningful connection to people, animals, birds, insects, and plants. Connection even to inanimate objects because everything has energy.

These concepts our children instinctively understand already.

Our children already know this.

Children’s Books by Debra Ford

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The Curious Cousins and the African Elephant Expedition (2023, Children’s fiction)

The adventures of the cool curious cousins, Emilia Rose, Isla Mae and Audrey Jane, as they travel in their dream life, to South Africa to visit the elephants.

Along the way they get some help from a friendly fever tree, witness some wised-up weaver birds, march along with the ambulatory ants, avoid a grumpy puff adder, find an irritable and scruffy secretary bird, discover a brawny dung beetle, are overtaken by a speedy shongololo, meet a cranky legs daddy long-legs spider, spend time with a dazzling dragonfly, and understand Ubuntu. Not bad for one dreamlife expedition to visit the elephants.

A story of adventure, fantasy, humour, magic and time travel, to be read to children ages 3 years to 9 years; or for early readers in Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Keywords: adventure, fantasy, humour, magic, time travel

Emilia Rose and the Rainbow Adventure (2019, Children’s fiction)

Emilia Rose had a secret, one that she didn’t share with anyone. Her secret was that each night in her dreams she travelled to LiaLand and lived among the friendly, funny, cheeky and brave LiaBots.

One night, Emilia Rose was in her LiaLand dream and saw a rainbow. Rainbows just made her smile, they were so pretty. “Where do they come from?” she wondered. “I know,” she said, “the LiaBots can solve this mystery for me.”

They can go on an adventure, out into the world and find out where rainbows begin.

A story about dreams, rainbows, carousels and adventure, to be read to children ages 3 years to 9 years; or for early readers in Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Keywords: dreams, adventure, carousels, children

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