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I am, through circumstances, one of the world’s foremost experts in metaphysical energy, but writing about the mysteries of life is simply an urge that overtakes me.

I wake up, the inspiration is there, I hear the whispers, and the words start to flow.

Answers are always found in the perfect balance of the Tao and most of my work is based on the natural beauty of the Tao.

What is the Tao?

This link below will take you to my short audio recording on the Tao. Hosted on the Insight Timer meditation app.

The Library

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SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom: Energetic Guide to Purpose (2023, non-fiction)

SoleNumbers decodes the energy of numbers and the impact that your birth date has on the whole of your life. Numbers give structure and language to your own unique life experience and personal growth opportunities. They give order and direction for your life journey, illuminating your purpose and the impact you will have on others.

The understandings in SoleNumbers inspire you to align with original number energy and live your best life because there is a part you are to play that no one else can play; a life you are to live that no one else can live.

Your birthday is the day that you started your life. What makes this day even more precious, is that there is a number energy from the day you were born, and this is carried forward into your life. This number energy gives you clues to what is possible, what is inherent.

The Tao and SolePath, the Foundation for your Life (2023, non-fiction)

The Tao and SolePath, the Foundation for your Life, is the companion for the SolePath metaphysical training programs. Metaphysics is the study of the way we energetically interact with our world, in pursuit of happiness. SolePath energetic personality profiling is a cornerstone of modern metaphysics. SolePath training puts you at the cutting edge of modern metaphysics, and at the forefront of the evolution of personality profiling. 

This definitive book supports the SolePath training modules, The Tao and: SolePath Categories, LightPaths, DarkPath, SoleNumbers, SoleFaces, SoleHealing, Emotional Divination and SoleIntending. 

SolePath training programs help you acquire invaluable tools that provide clarity of self-awareness, empowering you to make sense of life experiences, to realize the keys to overcoming struggle, and discover your soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

Visit The Academy of Inner Wisdom for more on SolePath metaphysical training programs.

The SolePath Book of Knowledge (2023, non-fiction)

There is a part you are to play that no one else can play; a life you are to live that no one else can live.

Find your way if you are feeling lost or stuck. Walk away from stress and anxiety. Leave behind your doubts and fears. Release the struggle and relieve your exhaustion by flowing downstream.

SolePath provides the ultimate in self-awareness, it connects you to your gifts and greatness as you walk your path to purpose and a happy beautiful life.

Everyone is born with a SolePath. ‘Sole’ because it is solely about you. ‘Path’ because it guides you on your life’s journey. It is your unique, individual Spiritual Personality Profile.

Your SolePath gifts are those things you give to the world, your contribution to your family and community. Your SolePath greatness is your inner confidence and self-worth. And all of the secrets to your life’s purpose are found in your SolePath.

When you know your SolePath, The SolePath Book of Knowledge provides insights and understandings to be happier. Request your SolePath at www.solepath.org.

Daily Pulse, the Rhythm of the Tao (2018, non-fiction)

Starting and ending each day with deliberate choices creates calm. A daily ritual becomes a regular habit to provide rhythm and peace to every day. The Daily Pulse is a ritual based on the profound beauty of the Tao.

The Daily Pulse helps you take small steps toward transformation, towards happiness. The Daily Pulse encourages you to see beyond the ache and disorientation of life’s challenges, and to bring normalcy and ritual to every day.

The Daily Pulse is for you if you are going through change; if you are feeling stuck or helpless; if your life feels as though it has no meaning; if you are experiencing any of life’s challenges including divorce, a difficult medical diagnosis or grief.

Keywords: spiritual ritual, daily habit, Tao, grief, illness, stuck

SolePath the path to purpose and a beautiful life (2013, non-fiction)

This is the story of SolePath, how it was born, created, and developed. This book models for other spiritual teachers how to listen to the inspiration in their own life, for their own body of work, for the great truth that will be theirs.

SolePath is the path to purpose and a beautiful life. SolePath is your spiritual personality profile that gives you clarity on who you are born to be, about what makes you uniquely awesome and what trips you up in life. When you know your SolePath you can stop being what you are not, you have permission to be you.

Keywords: life purpose, meaning, spiritual teacher, personality profile

SolePath book - the path to purpose and a beautiful life

In the Feng Shui Zone, good health, great relationships, abundant prosperity (2005, non-fiction)

A tried and tested ancient Chinese art and science to affect improvements in your life. A practical, simple, and easy-to-follow process that includes a 9-step guide to getting your home and your life into the zone. Start with intention, learn simple techniques for clearing clutter, and then create a harmonious space with balanced energy.

A new approach to Feng Shui based on our western living style and the beautiful foundation of the Tao. You are going to love the way your home looks and feels.

Keywords: Space Clearing, energy, intention, clutter

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