What is SolePath?

I do say that I am the creator of SolePath, and I just haven’t been able to find a better way to describe it.

SolePath is my original body of work, but I feel that it was just ‘there’ waiting to become part of our life on this planet. I am simply able to hear the messages.

SolePath is your path to purpose and a beautiful life.

There is a part you are to play that no one else can play; 
a life you are to live that no one else can live.

Find your way if you are feeling lost or stuck. Walk away from stress and anxiety. Leave behind your doubts and fears. Release the struggle and relieve your exhaustion by flowing downstream.

SolePath connects you to your gifts and greatness as you walk your path to purpose and a happy beautiful life. 
Everyone is born with a SolePath. ‘Sole’ because it is solely about you. ‘Path’ because it guides you on your life’s journey. It is your unique, individual Spiritual Personality Profile.
Your SolePath gifts are those things you give to the world, your contribution to your family and community. Your SolePath greatness is your inner confidence and self-worth. And all of the secrets to your life’s purpose are found in your SolePath.


What is your Spiritual Personality Profile?

Personality is often described as the automatic pilot that affects your inner world and your outer world. It governs both your thoughts and emotions and determines the choices that impact your life’s direction. Personality determines the predictable patterns that drive the way you live your life.

Knowing your SolePath is a shortcut to finding yourself and discovering your purpose. SolePath drives your passion and is the authentic representation of your spirit. It shows you your soul’s intention for your lifetime, and how you planned to experience your life.

Free Meditations on Insight Timer

For me, meditation is as essential as breathing.

I define meditation as any activity that clears the mind and calms the thought spirals that confound us.

Meditation takes many forms and the essential one for me is the first thing when I wake, to guide my intention, thoughts, and emotions for the upcoming day. I do this on my own or while enjoying the guided words of a meditation teacher.

Another favourite is walking meditation, listening to inspiring and positive concepts, while under the openness of the expanding Alberta sky.

My Guided Meditations on Insight Timer

Relaxation And Healing

This meditation will help you remove energy from your body that is causing your mental and physical dis-ease. It starts the reprogramming transformation to gently heal, soothe, and detox your mind and body. To rehabilitate, balance and restore your cells to their original healthy state. To begin to allow your body to heal itself and to free your mind of stress and anxiety.

If you surrender to the guidance, just relax and let go, you can start healing and you will feel like a different person. Congratulations on taking steps to feel better, find happiness and take charge of your life.

Gratitude to Liam Wilkinson, composer.

Keywords: healing, relaxation, health, happiness, anxiety, stress

Joy Of Morning Ritual – Part 1

This meditation contains an introduction to the Tao along with a guided meditation. It is a morning ritual that becomes a profound and beautiful, regular habit. A ritual that provides rhythm and peace to every day. Starting each day with deliberate choices create calm in life, helps you take small steps towards transformation, happiness and a refreshed awareness.

In this practice, of affirmations and visualization, you are reminded that ritual is a precious ordinary experience that reawakens you to the beauty of a single moment. That you are cherished and all is well.

Keywords: happiness, affirmations, spirituality, visualization

Joy Of Morning Ritual – Part 2

This lovely, guided practice will help set the energy and intention for your day. Use this affirmation and visualization practice for 21 days to see beyond the ache and disorientation of challenges in life and bring normalcy and rhythm to every day.

Keywords: happiness, affirmations, spirituality, visualization

Removing Negative Energy

This peaceful guided visualization and awareness meditation can be used anytime you would like to cleanse your body and mind of energy that is not serving you. This meditation is particularly useful if you are not feeling well, if you have had contact with negative people, have spent time in crowds of people, or simply wish to feel more expanded and centred.

Keywords: energy, centered, illness, crowds, negativity

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